the Tradition

Menu the Tradition

“Vitello tonnato” in the ancient way

Winter vegetables served warm in “Bagna Cauda” light warm cream

Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri, baby calamari, anchovies dripping, crispy bread

Crispy goose leg, parmantier cream, umami sauce


€ 55 per person


the Game

Menu The Game

Raw and cooked fish, buffalo mozzarella foam and shrimp waffle

Veal sweetbread, seaweed Dulse, pil-pil sauce

Braised snails, Jerusalem artichoke cream, marinated shallots

Cuttlefish ink ravioli stuffed with fish in dashi broth

The pigeon and the scallops

Quince, chestnuts, Jerusalem artichokes, coffee

€ 75 per person



Menu Madness…

Our madness …
is to take you by hand
to make a journey
into the heart of our cuisine
among yesterday and tomorrow dishes

€ 130 per person


à la Carte

Menu A la Carte


Raw ham by D’Osvaldo, “E. Carraglia” culatello by Zibello, homemade salami 22


Foie-gras terrine, Sichuan pepper and pistachio 25


The candied version of red onion, filled with fresh goat cheese, caramelized onion on sesame bread 20


WHITE SEA: raw and cooked fish, buffalo mozzarella foam and shrimp waffle 24


THE TIME OF GOLDEN EGGS: creamy egg, butter and black truffle caviar gold leaf 22


SPIN: calf’s head, tongue, tail, pak-choi 18


FERTILE LAND: roots, malt ground, ratte mashed potatoes, cren, rhubarb 22


IF MILAN HAD THE SEA: cuttlefish ink ravioli stuffed with fish 20


THE HOMING PIGEON: risotto with pigeon, cacao grue, rum fragrance 22


TAGLIATELLE 40: tagliatelle with 40 egg yolks, Iberian pork sauce 20


BRASC DE FERR: Lapsang Souchong tea spinach cream with warm curd and puffed rice 18


DOUBLE PLAY: lamb in two cooking, artichokes in two cooking 30


ALL THE DUCK: escalope of foie gras poillé, breast, tongue 30


OUT OF THE WOOD: deer in tartare, fillet and carrè with garlic and fermented sauerkraut 30


The “fish-catch” of the day 33


Milanese cutlet with potatoes, potatoes, potatoes 33


Selection of artisan cheeses da 10 a 45