the Tradition

Menu the Tradition

Old style vitello tonnato

Carmagnola pepper and light bagna càuda

Plin ravioli with mixed meats and roast sauce

Braised Iberian pig cheek and roasted Jerusalem artichokes

The Bonet

€ 55 per person


the Game

Menu The Game

Half pacchero Gerardo di Nola cooked 24 hours crunchy, burnt leeks and sea urchins*

Raw Amberjack from Mediterranean, mandarin, cucunci, tomatoes confit

Mussels, veal bone marrow, laurel powder

Foie gras escalope, sea lettuce and shelled sea snails

Spaghettoni in white … with tomato

Braised veal tongue in the red port, pak choi and curry red shrimp*

Acid trip

€ 75 per person



Menu Madness…

is to take you by hand
to make a journey
into the heart of our cuisine
between the dishes of yesterday and those that will come

€ 130 per person


à la Carte

Menu A la Carte


Old style vitello tonnato 17


Fast course of extreme Piedmontese 18


Braised octopus, Parmantier cream, plankton 20


The time of the golden eggs (creamy egg, butter and black truffle caviar, gold leaf) 22


Os à moelle – Marrow au gratin and raw sea urchins* 22


Fried porcini mushrooms 24


Plin ravioli with mixed meats and roast sauce 18


Pumpkin tortelli with butter and sage 18


Tagliatella maison 40 egg yolks, kid ragout and pecorino cheese from Filiano 18


Spaghettoni Felicetti in white … with tomato 18


Risotto with porcini mushrooms 24


Braised Iberian pig cheek and roasted Jerusalem artichokes 24


Sirloin Fassona veal au gratin with aromatic herbs, rosè and salted potatoes 27


Catch fish of the day and seasonal vegetables 28


Catch sea bass, mango sauce, crunchy lentils and peppers caramel 30


Pigeon and scallop 30




Raw ham by D’Osvaldo, culatello by Zibello, homemade salami 22


The candied version of red onion, filled with fresh goat cheese, caramelized onion on sesame bread 20


Spaghettoni Felicetti, baby squids*, anchovies dripping, crispy bread 20


Milanese cutlet with potatoes & potatoes 28


Selection of artisan cheeses from 10 to 45




Snow White Apple served with short pastry ice-creama 12


What about a Campari? Campari, cream sweet potato chips, peanut butter 12


Acid Trip Rhubarb compote, yuzu, rice vinegar sorbet, pecam nuts, cow’s milk skin 12


Bitter chocolate and fermented currants 12


The Bonet 9


Goat yoghurt ice cream and salted lemon powder 9


The Tiramisù 9


Selection of fresh fruit sorbet 9