the Tradition

Menu the Tradition

“Vitello tonnato” in the ancient way

Spring vegetables between raw and cooked

Tagliatelle 40 yolks with Bolognese sauce

Iberian suckling pig cheek, braised endive

Sponge cake and chocolate ganache, raspberries

€ 55 per person


the Game

Menu The Game

Red tuna ventresca and “kiwi”

Os à moelle gratin and sea urchins

Octopus in tempura and asparagus

Oyster and wasabi risotto

What’s left of the lamb: saddle, tongue, fried brains, tripe and grilled artichoke

Burnt wheat, goat’s milk cream, horseradish and radish

€ 75 per person



Menu Madness…

Our madness …
is to take you by hand
to make a journey
into the heart of our cuisine
among yesterday and tomorrow dishes

€ 130 per person


à la Carte

Menu A la Carte


RED TRANSPARENCY: red mullet and scapece jelly 22


THE TIME OF GOLDEN EGGS: creamy egg, butter and black truffle caviar, gold leaf 22


QUE BONE: venison tartare, razor-clams, fermented garlic sprout, lime, orsino’s garlic 24


THE FIRST-SPRING SALAD: raw and cooked spring vegetables, peas miso 18


EGGS AND YOGURT: tortelli filled with goat cheese, yogurt, hake caviar and shrimp powder 20


THE LORD IN RED: risotto, Brittany blue lobster tails, fermented black garlic 25


SLAPS FACE: paccheri Gerardo di Nola, fresh peas, dry yeast and mullet bottarga 20


ON SALT STREET: spaghetti with cuttlefish ink, Normandy butter and anchovies from Cantabrian 20


A FLIGHT OUT OF SEASON: pigeon, sea lettuce, cherries and foie gras 30


THE NOBLE LAMB: carrè and leg lamb, burnt onions cream, glasswort 30


EEL PEAK: lacquered eel on sprouts salad 30


HEN OR CAPON? : sea hen, white asparagus and parsley root 30








Raw ham by D’Osvaldo, culatello by Zibello, homemade salami 22


Foie-gras terrine, Sichuan pepper and pistachio 25


The candied version of red onion, filled with fresh goat cheese, caramelized onion on sesame bread 20


Spaghettoni Benedetto Cavalieri, baby squids anchovies dripping, crisp bread 20


Selection of artisan cheeses da 10 a 45